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for small businesses

Lyofilizátor potravin AMARU



Kde se uplatní lyofilizátor

Uses for lyophilization

Would you like to add freeze-dried foods to your inventory, or even start a new business?

Either way, AMARU is worth your attention! Freeze-dried (lyophilized) foods have been highly popular among consumers for many years. Customers are also starting to realize, however, that the typical quality of food from large producers (or more accurately importers) can’t be hidden under the label “freeze-dried.”

AMARU is here for small businesses interested in good, honest quality.

  • Farmers

  • handmade foods

  • raw food producers

  • preppers

  • meat processing

  • animal feed

  • outdoor foods

  • herbalists

  • molecular cuisine and fine dinig

  • commercial kitchens

  • müsli and health food

  • ...

AMARU in media

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Představení AMARU



Touchscreen control unit

Just set cooling time and drying time, then press START

Product chamber

Stainless steel. With ice holding capacity up to 15 kg

Vacuum pump

Integrated into the body of machine

Cover plate design

"Pearl Ruby Red" varnish or stainless steel

Hot-Gas defrosting

Cuts the time from finishing one process and starting the next just under 30 minutes

Technical specification

Min. chamber temperature


Min. chamber pressure

100 mTorr

Typical batch

7,5 kg*

Drying time of typical batch

30 hours (without freezing)

Max. ice holding capacity

15 kg

Average power consumption

27 kWh / day

Control unit

Touchscreen TFT 4.3"

Dimensions (H x W x D)

84 x 122 x 80 cm


cca 175 kg

Max. accustic pressure

< 70 dBa

Power supply

230V, 50 Hz, 1-phase

Max. power

3 kW

* Typical batch indicates the quantity with which AMARU is tested. The maximum loading should not exceed the capacity of the max. ice holding capacity.

Shelf systems

5-policový systém pro lyofilizátor potravin AMARU

The standard shelving system is designated for all types of batches and can easily handle up to 10 kg of yoghurt

_MG_3827 kopie.jpg

Users with products that don't hold much water but take up a lot of space will appreciate more shelves.

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