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  • Karel Schmiedberger

Lyophilization of your food samples before purchasing a freeze dryer

Komerční lyofilizace vašich potravin v lyofilizátoru AMARU

As you read these pages, you may be thinking about getting a freeze dryer and starting your own dried food production. Freeze-drying itself is still making its way into the food industry, and it's a new development in the small business sector. Therefore, we would like to simplify your decision-making and the related calculations of the entire economy.

One way of doing this is of course this blog, where we regularly report on what AMARU has already freeze-dried, how long it took and various other information. Still, we would like to offer complete certainty over the question of what your product will look like and what features it will have. That's why we have introduced the option of so-called commercial freeze-drying - trying out the freeze-drying process directly on the product you want to handle afterwards.

How does it work? We rely primarily on an agreement with you. The first thing you need to do is contact us and describe the product you want to freeze-dry. Then you need to work out how to get your product to us.

Of course, you can deliver your food to us yourself by carrier or courier. And if you have a very unique product that you don't want to send, we will simply arrange for you to visit us and together we will load the AMARU and give you the result. In addition, we will be able to tell you straight away how long the quantity of product needed to freeze properly and an estimate of the drying time.

How much will it cost? Nothing more than a little of your time and the cost of transporting the food to us. For some interesting foods, we have agreed with the customer to keep some of the final product. For free trials, we also reserve the right to post our video of the result on our YouTube channel at a certain period of time.

We will also send you the drying result free of charge vacuum packed to your address within the EU. Together we can eliminate any unpleasant surprises when you start your commercial freeze-drying.

If we don't yet have a distributor in your country who can offer this service locally, please contact us.



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