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  • Karel Schmiedberger

Introducing... AMARU freeze dryer

Logo našeho lyofilizátoru - AMARU

The last seconds of 2016 have passed. It hasn't been a good year for many people and I know only a few who are happy with it. For us, it's probably too early to draw any conclusions. On a positive note, the last 9 months can be viewed positively. From the moment we put the first bolt and nut together we have worked our way to a working prototype and a room that can be said to be a workshop. Above all, however, we are richer with a lot of experience on how to practice food lyophilization or, on the contrary, how not to practice it.

It is true that development does not go as fast as one can sketch it out on paper. Periodically, a new reality comes along that needs to be solved and a workable solution devised. Still, I myself take 9 months as an incredibly short time. If we had not been supplying and servicing lyophilizers for biotechnology for many years, we would probably be counting years instead of months.

Until today, in all the blog articles you could read about " freeze dryer" or "device". With all of our experience to date, we believe we will be able to bring the first unit to market and sell within Q1 2017. And so the first moments of this year is a good time to unveil the official name and logo. Introducing... the AMARU freeze dryer!

How did we come up with the name? We were looking for something that none of the European languages would have a problem with. It also had to be something simple, and the letter "a" at the beginning of the name will have an advantage in any alphabetical list :)

Túpac Amaru was also the last ruler of the Inca Empire, whose inhabitants were, according to various sources, the first to use the cold and low pressure to dry food in agriculture. Amaru himself didn't fare too well, as he was executed by the Spanish colonizers a few years later. His name, however, became synonymous with resistance and resentment against foreign domination.

Fortunately, we don't have a team of marketing specialists interfering in the choice of the name, so we could opt for this name with the faith that our device would not be executed by the Spanish conquistadors after 2 years. :)

Happy 2017 to all!


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