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  • Karel Schmiedberger

Happy New Year 2024!

Once again, the last hours and minutes are ticking down to the turn of the year. So now we can say that it was neither the best, nor the worst I can remember. And one should be content with that and yet not relent in one's efforts to make the following year a little better after all.

The important thing is always to look back and see what went well in the past year, what did not, and to learn from that. Well, let us start first with what we did not do well. We should definitely improve our work on new products. There is one new product in development and one already in the process of being certified by the state testing institute. However, even the certification phase has been delayed. Here, at least, it is possible to have a target in sight and hopefully in the first half of 2024 it will be possible to disinfect AMARU not only from bacteria and viruses, but also from various odours from previous lyophilizations.

On the other side of the scale, the expansion of the distributor network is worth mentioning. This year, we have managed to establish cooperation with distributors in Denmark or Italy and I am personally glad that these are companies that understand lyophilization, can provide their customers with first-class service and advice and are not just "buy-sell-do-not-follow" resellers.

It is also worth mentioning the new 7-shelf system, which exceeds even our expectations. The original idea of increasing the capacity for freeze-drying herbs has turned into an interesting tool that has enabled AMARU to successfully freeze-dry, for example, 14 kg of cheese, and we plan to test a 17.5 kg load right after the New Year.

However, we are most grateful for you - our customers, readers of this blog, writers of questions and messages expressing support and appreciation for our passion to make freeze-dryers properly, to make them here, in the middle of Europe, and not to slip into simply putting a sticker on a product made by someone else, somewhere on the other side of the world.

Thank you for 2023 and we wish you every success, but above all, good health in 2024!


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