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  • Karel Schmiedberger

Two freeze dryers in one place

Stackable food freeze dryers

Have you ever wondered why AMARU looks different than the vast majority of freeze dryers from different parts of the world? It's because conventional freeze-dryers are built in a more vertical design, which we technically call "cabinet". They are generally taller than wider.

General purpose Freeze Dryers VirTis 24DX48 and CUDDON FD80
General purpose freeze dryers VirTis 24DX48 and CUDDON FD18

We wanted to do AMARU differently. Not because of originality, but the horizontal design, where the device is wider than taller, allows it to be placed on or under the workbench. We have also completely eliminated the disadvantage suffered by many lyophilizers of different manufacturers, when the condensed water from the cold chamber flows down the device to the control unit, which is usually located at the bottom.

However, the main motivation was the possibility of so-called "stacking", i.e. placing two devices on top of each other and thus significantly saving space in the room. This makes sense especially for devices such as AMARU, where it can be assumed that the user will need to increase the production capacity over time by acquiring a second freeze dryer.

It would be easy to say that just put one machine on top of the other and you are done. We have experienced for ourselves all the challenges that a journey into uncharted waters brings. Apart from the safety and stability of the entire system, it is also about accessibility, where even a smaller operator can comfortably reach the control unit of the upper freeze dryer, or providing the necessary air flow for both devices. Finally, it is also the provision of a drainage of the collected water in the chamber for both lyophilizers in the assembly.

Today, we can offer you the first ever stackable freeze dryer, thus doubling the capacity while maintaining the same space requirements as a single freeze dryer.



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