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  • Karel Schmiedberger

Introducing the 7-shelf system

7-shelf system for AMARU food freeze dryer

Since its birth, AMARU has been designed for a total of five product shelves. We found this to be the ideal ratio between the usable area for the dried product and the spacing between the shelves, which determines how tall the product can be.

But as we wrote, it's not an ideal solution for products with low water content, such as various herbs or CBD. In this case, the limit is not the weight, but the volume of the product being loaded. That's why we have revived the idea of adding more product shelves to AMARU. A simple enough idea, the path to the goal was not so simple.

Although it might seem that adding a few product shelves is just a matter of remeasuring the sides of the shelving system and adding two extra shelves, this is not the case. The two extra product shelves meant a complete re-development of the electrical box that houses the cable management, we had to find new thermostats on the market that are lower and don't take up as much space, and we had to re-design and re-invent the product tray clamps - we didn't want to give those up because they ensure even temperature transfer and prevent the product shelves from twisting.

Just when we thought we had it sorted, we realised that we couldn't even use the existing handles from the 5-shelf system for easy gripping and carrying.

After several months of experimentation, new designs, lots of filament consumed for 3D printers and more experimentation, we can finally present the final product.

7-shelf system for AMARU food freeze dryer

By the way, one more little thing that will hopefully please current owners - the 7-shelf system is backwards compatible with all AMARUs with the 2.0 shelf system, so that you just plug in the cable and set up the process normally. For the very first shelf systems, a control unit update by an authorized technician is required.

Finally, I would like to add that we are aware of the question of users who normally freeze-dry 10 kg of product on 5 shelves:

""Will it be possible to freeze-dry 14 kg on a 7-shelf system?"

The answer is yes, BUT... you need to think ahead about the amount of water in the product.

Herbs and similar products are of course not a problem. Practice shows that, for example, cheeses can still be freeze-dried relatively comfortably at a loading of 14 - 15 kg. However, for products containing 80 - 85% water, the shelving system can freeze in the chamber after the process (see photo below) and defrosting takes more time.

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